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About Us

grow_in_faith_black___white___color_optThere are more than 4,000 churches in the Baltimore metro area. So, when God began moving the heart of our founding pastor, Edward Lee, to plant LongView Bible Church, the question was “Why?”.
The overwhelming answer was/is: Because people matter.
That simple answer gave birth to the LongView Bible Church. We are a church that strives to keep the building up of people with and through the love of Christ at the center of all that we do. So we worship, serve and pray from four primary points of view.
1. People Matter. 
We believe when God’s Word is shared as it is written, in it’s context, then people are empowered to understand, worship, love and become servants of Christ – everywhere they are.
2. Community Impact. 
As people are developed and shaped by Christ, genuine action and ministry impacts the community. A strong church is the anchor of a strong community.
3. Relevant Worship.
From the beginning, we seek to “do church” differently. By remaining clear that we exist to empower people, our worship experiences create an environment that honors Christ by seeing each individual as a contribution to the whole.
4. The Cross. 
In order to move people toward lasting change, the activity, purpose & reality of the Cross serves as the central teaching point & reason for “why” LongView exists.
At the cross, Christ demonstrated the fullness of love and glory of God that created the church and changed us. Any hope of change has to begin and end with our view of Christ’s cross. So we glorify the reality of the cross…and it is the focal point of our worship, teaching,  ministry priorities and (future) sanctuary.


People matter. We envision a church community where people are valued, individually & specifically. And, where people are spiritually equipped to flourish in the cause for Christ. Where men & women are growing in the Word and their homes are blessed because of it. Where children grow up to live by a Christ centered world view. A church that shares and impacts surrounding communities with the reality and love of Jesus Christ.
Our central focus is guiding & developing people toward long lasting relationships w/Christ. Maturing Christians, die to themselves to live their lives with Christ in ways that impact their world and sphere of influence that God has given them.
Our role is to be light in the world and leave a lasting testimony unto the Lord. We do so with a view of worshiping, teaching & serving God for the long term in mind.
We feed the homeless, care for the disadvantaged, love our Seniors exceptionally, tangibly support our youth, intentionally strengthen married couples and give generously to Christ’s causes. We represent Christ in our fellowship, our homes and our jobs. Above all, we love God on purpose and with purpose.

LongView Name

Past. Present. Future. God has a Longview of our life.  From a shameful past, to the worries of today, and the uncertainties of tomorrow...God's perspective of our life is a broader, longer, view.