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Meet The Pastor

Edward C. Lee, Pastor

Edward began preaching on the hearth of his family’s fireplace at the age of five. He gave his life to the Lord and was baptized at the age of seven.
From about the age of 12 until 28 years of age, Edward ran as far and as hard as he could from the calling to ministry. During those years of running from God, Edward pursued a career in corporate finance, and launched many business ventures – trying to find success. However, after years of trying to climb the corporate ladder and find peace in status symbols, he found himself packing up his belongings and moving from North Carolina back to his parents home in Pennsylvania.
He was broke, dejected and wondering what was the point of life. He took with him 122 self-help books and 1 Bible. After a few weeks of thumbing through books on how to “think your way to success”, he began reading that one Bible. That led to what would be a two year study in the book of Nehemiah. In the first two chapters of Nehemiah, Edward sensed his call to ministry and a changed lifestyle of living for Christ.
So, he moved back to North Carolina, surrendered to God, began a one & half year study under his pastor, Bishop Claude Alexander of the Park Ministries in Charlotte NC and simultaneously met his wife Kimber.
During his years of ministry, God has afforded Edward the chance to speak inDSC_2776x2-150x150 the North Carolina Senate, prisons, juvenile facilities, numerous churches and one extra special opportunity to preach to school children in Ghana, Africa.
Edward is also an accomplished Bible teacher and author of three Christian Marriage books.