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 LongView Bible Church was planted in 2013, because:
  • People Matter
  • To impact the community
  • To provide relevant worship
  • To magnify the point of the Cross in our daily living.
As God continues to establish, grow and develop us as a church family, we are looking for people that are interested in growing in, and serving Christ in the church and community in these four areas, with us.
The process to becoming a member begins with one of our New Member Interest Meetings, offered four times a year – January, April, July and October. During these meetings you will receive a brief introduction to LongView. You will also meet one on one with a member of LongView, share your own faith journey, hear more about the church and ask any questions you may have about us. There are two steps to becoming a member:
Commitment and Classes

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Commit to Christ. All that desire to join us in membership must confess their faith in Christ.

We would like those interested in joining the church to join us for Sunday services for at least 6 months, consistently. Typically, those interested in becoming a member will have already been attending LongView for a period of time.

The six month time frame can be completed either before or during going through the other steps to membership.
An expressed commitment to participate in a ministry or community service of LongView within 6 months of your acceptance as a member.

Covenant with the LongView Bible Church leadership and members to:
(1) Serve in the church,
(2) Offer your time and talent(s) to the progression of the church, as we follow Jesus Christ,
(3) Share in the financial responsibility of the church according to 1 Cor. 16:1-3, systematically and according to how God has provided,
(4) Support the testimony of the church.

New Believers Class (for new converts).
The New Believers Class introduces basic principles of the Christian faith including the Books of the Bible. Those desiring to be baptized will attend an additional Baptism class.
New Members Class (for believers).
The New Members Class covers the basic doctrinal beliefs of LongView.