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30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 2

2 Corinthians 4:15 For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.

To me, Thanksgiving dinner and my grandparents house in Folsom, Pa., just under the flight path of the Philadelphia Airport, go hand in hand. I am left handed, so every year my dad would make the same bad joke, by insisting on sitting on my left hand side so closely that I could not eat. That never was funny.

My mom, grand mom and the other women in the family would spend all day working together to make Thanksgiving dinner. At the same time, the men of the family would pile into a little room with an even smaller tv and watch football – all day. Once dinner was ready, everyone would come together to share what they were thankful for, then we would pray as a family before we eat.

I, like many, cherish those family memories. Yet, as much as I fondly remember  the dinner, it is the people that really standout in my mind. Quite frequently I think and give thanks for the people that God placed in my life. My grandfather who poured years of both his pain and progress into me. My grandmother who was a seamstress in New York and Philadelphia for large department stores in the 1940’s and 50’s, taught me how be creative and pinch a penny. In the summer I would spend a few weeks at their house. It did not matter what time I woke up in the morning, they were already up, had eaten and were studying the Bible together.

Then there was my own parents. I don’t remember ever seeing my dad reading the Bible but he seemed to have memorized the whole Bible. And my mom! Especially in the summer, I can still see her sitting on the back porch, early in the morning studying and reading the Bible.

These are a few of the faith models that gave shape to my faith. All of our experiences and models are different. From preachers, pastors, Sunday School teachers, to coaches, teachers, etc…for most of us, God used a person to begin to open our eyes to see Christ in our life.

Today, give thanks for those God placed in your life that He used to give shape to your faith. Even if your experience was different with either more, less or no faith models at all, we all have the men and women of Scripture available to us. Give thanks for the Paul’s, Peter’s, Isaiah’s and Moses’ that serve as faith models.

Above all, we give thanks for the faith and faith model of Christ. The work and purpose of Christ is all for our sake, to extend grace to our life and lead to greater giving of thanks, to the glory of God.

Give Thanks for the grace God has extended on the behalf and through those that He has placed in your life. Praise the Lord!  Read More

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