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About House of Ruth

Founded in 1976, House of Ruth helps women, children and families in greatest need and with the fewest resources build safe, stable lives and achieve their highest potential. At House of Ruth, we are ending homelessness and life-long abuse.
At our 14 programs in Washington, DC, we assess the capacities and needs of each woman and child, then design and deliver a specialized combination of services to meet their specific needs and build on their strengths.
We enfold the women and families in an environment that is safe, structured and predictable and where they receive highly responsive and caring attention from the staff.
The women are dealing with many challenging issues: poverty, homelessness, domestic violence and, often, a history of mental illness and/or addiction. The children typically have developmental delays and emotional and behavioral problems.
Despite all these challenges, the women and children have not given up. They are resilient, courageous and determined to improve their lives.
House of Ruth’s 4-star Charity Navigator rating indicates our sound financial management and commitment to accountability and transparency.
A community of more than 20,000 contributors makes House of Ruth’s work possible, donating more than $3.5 million annually to support our programs and services.
Your contribution today will help women and children overcome homelessness and abuse.