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Planning a Visit to LongView

Planning a Visit to LongView? Here is what to expect:

What is a LongView Wor-Ship service like?

We put a hyphen in the Worship because it really is a matter of two words with two thoughts – “worth” and “ship”.  Worship by definition is an expression of Christ’s “worth” and “ship” which speaks to quality (like the difference between a friend and a friendship).  So everything in our Wor-Ship experience is to express God’s Worth in our lives.  So, one of our Praise and Worship teams or Worship Leaders start each service focusing on the worth of the Lord through song. We then continue by focusing on the worth of the Lord through the hearing of the Word of God. We want each person to leave seeing the love of Christ for them, differently.  To supplement the Sunday wor-ship experience there are message notes and personal study questions on the back of each bulletin.


Will I be welcome in casual clothes?

You can come as you are. From traditional “church clothes” to casual gear – come as you are. Our pastor will sometimes wear a suit and sometimes not. And Christ is in the midst none the less. Come comfortable and ready to worship.

Will I have to say anything?

Relax. We want our first time visitors to be as “at home” as our every week attendees. We will ask our first time visitors to stand so we can say good morning and hand you some information about the church. That’s it and that’s all.

RisingView Thumbnail_optWhat does LongView have for kids?

During your visit your children from 3-15 years of age are welcome to attend RisingView Youth Service after our Praise and Worship. Different from traditional service, RisingView is church for kids and run by kids. Each week children receive a Morning Message they can understand, they sing songs that have meaning to them, they partake in activities that help them learn and interact with other kids their age.