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21 Lessons from Five Years of LongView Bible Church

I found this sitting on my computer from a  year and half ago. Obviously, from around the time of our 5th anniversary. I pray it will still be a blessing.

Serving as the Pastor of LongView Bible Church for these five years has truly been the privilege of a lifetime. I believe the purpose of milestones, like 5th Anniversaries, is to take time to reflect. So, in my time of reflection, here are a few things that God has taught me while at LongView Bible Church.

1.    Prayer. Hearing from God is much more valuable than hearing from people.

2.    Transparency. People respond to the truth even if the news is not good. 

3.    Fellowship. Christians need to spend time building relationships, growing each other and being real together.

4.    Listen more than talk. The best way to connect with people is to let them share what matters to them the most.

5.    Message in a sentence. One concise sentence that captions where we are going helps us know where we are going.

6.    Don’t Assume God. Pray, personally, before every endeavor, from Sunday message to starting your work day - pray for God’s wisdom and strength first.

7.    Bible Study is the greatest marketing “strategy” of the church. Transformed lives are more winsome than marketing campaigns.

8.    Depend on God not people. People can change quickly, God never changes. Stay focused on God, not people.

9.    Love faults. A healthy Christian community learns to embrace faults and love the worst as much as the best of people.

10.  Watch more than listen. Watch what people do more than what people say.

11.  Study verse by verse. We gain greater focus and grasp of the truth of Scripture when we study whole books of the Bible together.

12.  Deep study is better than Quick fix growth strategies. Work with what God has given you. Don’t get caught in a quest for more, before maximizing what God has already given.

13.  Stay even. Tough stuff comes into each of our lives. Never allow life to take you too high or too low. Let God’s direction/instruction be the balance of your life.

14.  Keep what works. Never be afraid to make mistakes. An honest try that doesn’t work is often where God teaches us the most.

15.  Stay within your personality. God created each of us for His glory. Worship, praise and prayer have to be authentically yours from the Lord.

16.  God builds. Let God build, what He is building. The plans, the decisions they are all His.

17.  Write the Vision. God sees things in ways we don’t. Seek, study and follow His vision, not your own.

18.  Christ was mission minded, more than goal oriented. Example: Christ never sought to feed a number of 5,000 people. Instead, He sought to do the right thing and fill a need.

19.  Christians don’t make decisions, they follow Christ. [My favorite one]

20.  Regard the soul and spiritual walk of a person more than what they say or do. We are to be more concerned with the spiritual direction of a person, not that they have done you wrong?

21.  It is never good to give a person a piece of your mind or set them straight. In so doing, you forfeit the ability to tell them about Christ. 

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