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Celebrate The Lord: Palm Sunday

When LongView was planted in September 2013, we were meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel on Reisterstown Road. We were just starting out and I didn’t think we would have the resources to hold communion. So, I considered just waiting a few months to have our first communion. But then a member, offered to buy the communion trays, that we still use to this day. We ordered the elements and we had communion on the first Sunday of October 2013...

When our first Palm Sunday rolled around in 2014 we prayed about how we would celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry. So we were led to place the palms on the ground throughout the sanctuary as we walked in for Palm Sunday Service. At the conclusion of service we would then pick them up off the floor and take them home as we left from Palm Sunday service...

So...now what? With so much focus on coronavirus and social distancing we may have a hard time even remembering what day of the week it is, let alone that this Sunday is both, Palm Sunday and Communion Sunday. How will we celebrate the cross of Christ, as a church family, in our current “lock-down”, “stay at home” reality? 

Here’s the Plan

Communion: Gather the following, for Sunday’s live-stream of our service

• A piece of bread or toast

• Juice or water or liquid that will symbolize the blood of Christ 

Palm Sunday:

• A stick or tree branch from your yard or a leaf from a plant in your home

Bring what you have to Sunday’s service and we will pray and have Communion & Palm Sunday! It’s different, but it’s also a great opportunity to recognize that what’s important to remember is the sacrifice of the cross, where Christ died for us. 

The elements are important because of what they symbolize - 

that Christ is our King, 

that Christ’s body was broken for us, 

that Christ’s blood was shed for us. 

Start your celebration today, by praying with thanksgiving as you search your house for the elements of Communion and Palm Sunday. Let’s celebrate the Lord for what you already have to remind you of who He is! Let’s celebrate!

“See Ya” Sunday!

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