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Coming Out Stronger...

We awake to another day of “lockdown” or “self-quarantine” and I pray we all are finding joy in the moment! God really is good and there is a God sized purpose to where we are, right now. My personal determination is to come out of this stronger, I have been in prayer for what I can take on now, while locked in the house. So, let me ask you a question, what is God giving you the opportunity to take on or knock out? What will you accomplish during this time that will make your life better, when this is all over? Here is my list:

1. Paint our first floor. Home Depot is still open & it is relatively inexpensive. This includes teaching my son to paint.

2. Home workout. I am getting the hang of this, I may be able to ditch my gym membership for good.

3. Creating some personal space in my basement. Been putting this off longer than I can remember.

4. Family devotions. We have always had prayer time, but devotions as a family have been a little tricky, with everyone going in different directions. We have time now. 

5. Write 2 hours a day. This has been a daily goal for years, but I only hit it about twice a week. Now is a good time to get in the habit. 

How about you, what is God giving you time to do? How are you and your family going to come out of this stringer?

Please share this post with others. And, remember, that during this time of not meeting in-person, LongView continues to support the many needs of our church community, you can give on-line through our church app or online at: https://www.longviewbible.org/give or PO Box 86, Owings Mills, MD 21117

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