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What’s Positive about being Locked in the House?

I guess everyone’s count is a little different. For me this is day 3 of being “mainly” in the house. It is not hard to find reasons to complain about the fallout or the lock in, related to COVID-19, but today, share what has been positive about it. What have been the positives from being locked in, this week? What have you learned, what changes will stick after this is all “over”?

I will get us started with my own list:

1. We have solved a long standing logistical problem of my wife and I both being able to work from home at the same time.

2. Typically by Thanksgiving we start talking about spring break plans and by the start of the year the deposits have been made and the plans are set. But, this is the first year that we did not make Spring Break travel plans. Now knowing that we would not have been able to go anywhere anyway, has led us into a good discussion about the sovereignty of God. Thankfully, we did not waste time, energy or money on something that would not have happened.

3. Proper perspective on disappointment. We have seen the erasing of two Spring sports seasons and a much muted Birthday celebration in our household. Yet, we have come to see the positive in what we still have to look forward to.

4. House Cleaning! Lot’s of cleanliness going on.

5. Working out as a family. Tennis, pushups, Basketball, walks in the park - it’s been fun.

6. God has a plan for our good. I have been able to have great devotional time with the Lord and discussion time with my family about God’s great plans for our well-being.

So that is just the start, how about you, share one positive thing God has done and/or you have learned during your “home bound” experience.

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