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Devoted to the Word

Sep 1, 2019    Pastor Edward C. Lee    2019 Sermon Series The Story of Christ in Your Life
Points of Meditation & Reflection
Sermon Title & Text “” Acts 2:1-47 ESV
Sermon Series: Devoted: Key to Personal and Church Growth
Message in a Sentence: My devotion to Christ begins with my devotion to His teaching [the Word].
• Souls: Between 3,000 souls being connected to Christ in v41, & awe falling on every one of those souls in v43, are 4 points of “soul devotion”. Today, we focus on the first of those 4, “And they devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching”
• Coming to Christ & connecting to a church is to be followed by our devotion - to Christ. Greek Word used for devotion = adhere or stick to; continue in place; persevere & not faint; constant readiness
And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching