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Thanks Offering

Dec 19, 2021    Pastor Edward C. Lee
Sermon Title & Text: "Thanks Offering" Jeremiah 33:1-13 ESV
Sermon Series: Reset: Growing Forward & Upward
Message in a Sentence: Restored people live a Thanks Offering
•As we reflect on the Lord during this Christmas season, give Him a Thanks Offering!
•The Lord communicates & interacts with His people, even while in prison
•The Lord made the earth, formed it to establish it, His name is the Lord. Specific name of covenant relationship with His people, cf. Ex 6:1-8, Ps 83:18, [Amos 4:13-5:27]
•Jeremiah has to call on the Lord to learn of things previously unknown. Like v5, cf Isa 48:6-8 which clarifies they were prevented from hearing b/c God knew they would deal treacherously.